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To search for tutors, select between your choice of online tutoring and in class tutoring. Then select the course and location, and you will be matched with a tutor that is a perfect fit.
Click on Search tutors; When you find a tutor of your choice; the system will require you to sign up. After signing up, you are good to go.
You will receive an activation email to activate your account. Then you will be able to search from and pick a tutor of your choice.
Pre test is not mandatory but it is recommended. The pre - test lets both the tutor and the parents/students know where to invest their time and how well to meet the needs of the student.
The pre test cost $40 and includes grading and analyzing the test in order to be used by both the tutor and the student.
There is no distinction between the price of the online session and the price of the in-home session.
To hire a full time or travel tutor, you will need to contact us at travel@tutorsareus.org; or call us at 1-877-3-tutors
All tutors get a background check. To get a copy of the result of a tutor’s background check, you will need to pay a one time non refundable fee of $20. The document will be sent to you by email, fax or regular mail.
You may submit a request to get the background check for your selected tutor. This is optional but you are encouraged to.
The client receives a $10 for every friend that they refer and signs up for tutoring. The friend also get $10 off of their fifth session or the diagnostic test.

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