How it works - Students

Yes, you can!! Nothing is difficult - it's easy ... We can help you to make it easy.

You can get a perfect tutor, and a perfect instruction in 5 easy steps

Tutors Are Us can match you with the most perfect tutor you need. Let’s improve that grade. We are here to help. You don’t have to worry at all.

  • Take the optional pretest

    Take the optional pre test. The pre test let us know the areas that our students need help in. The areas we need to tackle first during tutoring. Our goal is to get our students above grade level in order to succeed academically.

  • Tell us your needs

    What subjects do you need help with? What location are you meeting the tutor at? Is it in-home, online or at a designated place? Once, this questions are answered. You are all set.. We will match you.

  • Pick a tutor that meets your needs

    You may contact or chat with your tutor.

  • Start tutoring

  • Succeed